Why You Should Buy a Foosball Table

Foosball is one of the few universal games that is suitable for players of all ages. You can have just as much fun playing Foosball with your kids as you do playing against your friends. The Foosball table is much more than just a game table and there are more reasons to buy it than having fun.

Spending Time With Family and Friends

When you have a game table in your home, you can spend quality time with your family and friends that doesn’t involve watching movies. The game table is like a good quality board game, it will keep you entertained for hours and you can actually talk to one another during the game.

Foosball Keeps You in Shape

If you think that Foosball is a no-brainer game, think again. Experienced players develop strategies during the match and their tricks require hours of practice. Also, Foosball is a game of reflexes which means you have to be fast and prepared to strike at any second. That is why you will feel tired after one Foosball match if you are out of shape. Every second of those few minutes of the match you will be on the edge.

Great Anti-Stress Therapy

Did you know that there are companies like Google that equipped their offices with Foosball tables? They did that because playing a Foosball table is great anti-stress therapy. If you have a bad day at work you can play Foosball aggressively and vent out all the negative energy from your system. Those couple of minutes will make you feel like new, trust us.

Foosball Tables are Great Investment

Generally speaking, Foosball tables aren’t cheap, but neither is any game table. The reason for that is simple. Once you buy a good quality Foosball table, you will have it for ages. We are proud to offer our customers Professional Quality Foosball tables. Made in Portugal by Bilhares Carrinho, the leading manufacturer in the country, ours Foosball Tables are made out of solid wood and hand-crafted. "Matraquilhos", as they are called in Portuguese, are made in the original tradition, design and concept of the old days. We also offer to you tables with a modern and luxurious look. These tables are made to last and are a piece of art!