Why You Should Use Terracotta in the Kitchen

Terracotta clay is perfect for long cooking over low heat. Terracotta pots are suitable for simmering, slow cooking, roasting, frying, baking, and boiling. Terracotta vessels can be used to serve right from the oven and straight to the dinner table.

Terracotta is ideal for baking purposes, since it distributes heat evenly, helping your baked goods turn out perfect.  Traditionally, pizzas are cooked in brick ovens. Porous terracotta draws in moisture from the dough, producing a perfect crust.

Do’s when using terracotta cookware:

  • Soak your terracotta cookware for one hour with hot water before using it for the first time. Do not use soaps as they may block the delicate pores and affect the taste of the food cooked in terracotta pots
  • Unglazed terracotta needs a good soak in water for at least 15 minutes before every use. This way the terracotta can absorb water, which will evaporate slowly from the pores during cooking
  • Always place terracotta cookware filled with food in a cold oven, then set the temperature. This way you can avoid cracks and breakages in your vessels
  • Cooking in terracotta requires a higher temperature than other types of cookware. Regular recipes can usually be converted for clay pot cooking by raising the cooking temperature by 100F and adding a half hour to regular cooking time because the dish is placed into a cold oven and because the clay does not get hot as fast as metal cookware
  • Cookware made of unglazed terracotta is porous and can absorb and transfer the flavors of meals cooked in it. Use a paste made of baking soda and water to eliminate odor

Don’ts when using terracotta cookware:

  • Terracotta cookware cannot withstand sudden and extreme temperature changes. Going from a hot surface directly onto a cold counter top or into cold water in the sink can cause the terracotta to crack. Make sure that any temperature changes occur gradually
  • Don’t place terracotta cookware on an electric gas range unless you use a heat diffuser and make sure the cooking process is started at a low heat

Advantages of Using Terracotta Cookware:

  • All nutrients and flavors remain preserved inside the pot, making an excellent foundation for a wholesome meal
  • Heat and moisture circulate slowly in porous terracotta pots, which is the perfect environment for delicate and slow cooking
  • Terracotta is an excellent retainer of heat, unlike metal which is a heat conductor. Meals cooked in a terracotta pot, when set aside with the lid on, retain heat and moisture for a long time without becoming soggy
  • Unglazed terracotta absorbs oil and becomes seasoned with age and use, which improves the non-stick performance and quality of the cookware
  • Terracotta kitchenware looks natural and it brings a touch of retro to any kitchen. These are great cookware pieces for serving and add nice spice to the table for family dinners