Foosball Table LED Portuguese Matraquilhos - Aveiro
Foosball Table LED Portuguese Matraquilhos - Aveiro

Foosball Table LED Portuguese Matraquilhos - Aveiro

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Completely Reinforced, Lasting, Reliable And Endurable. We Carry All Necessary Replacement Parts. We Stand By The Product


  • Professional Quality Foosball Table
  • Made Of Wood And Completely Handmade With a Modern Design
  • Chrome Steel Rods With Stainless Steel Hand-painted Players
  • Come With 5 Playing Balls
  • Multi-Color Effect LED Lighting Around Playfield With Remote Control
  • Dimmable LED Lighting With Cascading effects
  • Colors, Modes and Brightness Can Be Regulated With the Remote Control
  • Total Weight Is Approximately 375 Pounds
  • Measurements: Table  - 36" x 57" x 28" (HxLxW); Field  - 45" x 24" (LxW)
  • Some Assembly Is Required. Most Customers Are Able To Complete            Installation In 10 Minutes. 2 People Required Because Of Weight
  • This table come with assembly instruction! (See video below)

Child Safe Bars

Please be aware the player bars slide out to the opposite side. This could be dangerous for small children and may cause injury.
Tables will automatically be shipped with regular player bars. You can buy the safety bars separately. 

Product Description

Get your game on with our Professional Quality Foosball Table. This fashionably designed game table complements any decor and it offers superior quality construction with a modern design. It elevates the classic and humble game table to the ranks of stylish and minimalist décor items that combine refinement and function. It is Made in Portugal by Bilhares Carrinho, the largest manufacturer in the country, but doesn't take the traditional approach to table design and incorporates a modern look with clean lines into their architecture

This table comes with variable LED’s around the play surface giving its own unique style.These tables are made to last and are a piece of art!

This Foosball Table is made out of solid Wood. This table is all handmade so might look slightly different in color than the pictures posted. 

Playing field is made of 8mm Acrylic. Players are hand-painted and made of stainless steel. Rails that hold players are made of Stainless Steel. These tables are made to withstand years of abuse. Come with 5 playing balls.

This is a professional table for playing, and also beautiful to display in any setting.

The playing field is not flat; the field is slightly curved so the ball will always roll back towards the middle. This is done so the ball is always in movement.

With this table, you will enjoy in your home the thrill and excitement of real Foosball playing.

Because of the size and weight of these tables any returns will be charged a 20% restocking fee.

Life is too short to live without the Foosball Table LED Portuguese Matraquilhos - Aveiro. Be happy. Be Content. Be Satisfied.

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