Portuguese Professional Wood Foosball Soccer Table Matraquilhos With LED Light

Portuguese Professional Wood Foosball Soccer Table Matraquilhos With LED Light

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Completely Reinforced, Lasting, Reliable And Endurable. We Carry All Necessary Replacement Parts. We Stand By The Product


  • Professional Quality Foosball Table
  • Made Of Solid Wood
  • Completely Hand Made
  • Come With 9 Playing Balls
  • Variable LED Lighting Around Playfield With Remote Control
  • LED Lighting With Cascading effects
  • Item Is Shipped In A Special Made Wooden Crate
  • Total Weight Is Approximately 375 Pounds
  • Measurements: Table  - 36" x 57" x 28" (H x L x W); Field  - 45" x 24" (L x W)
  • Some Assembly Is Required. Most Customers Are Able To Complete            Installation In 10 Minute. 2 People Required Because Of Weight
  • Note: This table does not come with assembly instruction but it is pretty much self-explanatory. Very easy to put together. The only assembly required is the player bars and 4 legs. Very Simple! 

Product Description

Professional Quality Foosball table. Made in Portugal by Bilhares Castro. Foosball table is made out of solid wood. This table is all hand made so table might look slightly different in color than the pictures posted. Please note that since this table is all hand built it will have some imperfections.

This Foosball Table was designed to create a great showpiece for your home or office. Variable adjustment allow you to select multiple vivid colors. Playability remains unchanged whether you play with the lights on or off. This is our answer to bringing Foosball to the 21st Century.

Playing field is made of 8mm Acrylic. Player are hand painted and made of solid aluminum. Rails that hold players are made of Stainless Steel. These tables are made to withstand years of abuse. Come with 9 playing balls.

Bilhares Castro are Manufacturers of football (Foosball) tables since 1977. Matraquilhos, as they are called in Portuguese, are made in the original tradition, design and concept of the old days. These tables are made to last. It is a piece of art!

These tables are handmade. They are not made on an assembly line. Since each table is handmade there will be some imperfections. This is not a show piece for showing, it is for playing, the balls are solid.

The playing field is not flat; the field is slightly curved so the ball will always roll back towards the middle. This is done so the ball is always in movement.

With this table, you will enjoy in your home the thrill and excitement of real Foosball playing.

Because of the size and weight of these tables any returns will be charged a 20% restocking fee.