Breville BEM800XL Scaper Mixer Pro Stainless 110 Volts

Breville BEM800 Scraper Mixer Pro 110 Volts

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  • Capacity - 5 qt (4.7 L) mixing bowl with handle
  • Additional Features –
    • 5 qt (4.7 L) Stainless Steel Bowl with Handle
    • 550 Watt Motor
    • Load Sensing Technology with Motor Protection
    • Planetary Mixing Action
    • 12 Speed Electronic Control
    • 10 Minute timer with Auto-Off
    • Lift Assist Mixer Head with Handle
  • Included Accessories –
    • Wire Whip
    • Scraper Beater
    • Flat Beater
    • Dough Hook
    • Spatula
    • Pouring Shield
  • Warranty - 1 Year Limited Breville Product Warranty
  • Notes on Features –
    • Planetary Mixing Action covers 360 degree beater-to-bowl coverage for thoroughly mixed ingredients.
    • Scraper Beater's flexible edge scrapes the sides and bottom of the bowl for thorough mixing. The flat beater (not pictured) is for general mixing of heavy batters and pie pastry.
    • Dough hook kneads bread, pizza, and pasta dough. Wire whip (not pictured) incorporates air for whipped cream, egg whites, and icing.

Product Description

Picture a world of baking that doesn't include sticky bowls and spattered batter.

What's left? Baking nirvana. With a singular focus on mixing essentials, the Scraper Mixer Pro draws a straight line from your imagination to your taste buds. It's built for baking.

Scraper Beater's flexible edge scrapes the sides and bottom of the Stainless Steel bowl clean. Pouring Shield minimizes spattering when mixing and adding ingredients.

Smooth sounding 550 watt motor features load sensing Motor Protection Sensors that detect heavy mixtures and maintain precision speed.