Energy Bowl by Vista Alegre (Atlantis Crystal)

Energy Bowl by Vista Alegre (Atlantis Crystal)

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  • Style: Classic
  • Part Type: Salad Bowl
  • Product type: Crystal 30%
  • Height: 120 mm
  • Length: 194 mm
  • Weight without Package: 3000 gr
  • Use restrictions: Not suitable for microwaves. Not suitable for dishwasher.
  • Made In Portugal

Product Description

Raw materials of great purity are required to obtain Atlantis crystal. Sand, potash and lethargic are the main components of a mixture that provides Atlantis crystal with its unique properties: purity, transparency, high density and unparalleled sparkle. Allied to the exceptional properties of the raw materials selected is a cutting-edge melting technique where a continuous electric melting furnace is used to transform the glass obtained by mixing raw materials into one of the purest crystals in the world: Atlantis crystal. The knowledge gathered by several generations of glass makers is used in the various workshops to give shape to molten glass. Working at temperatures close to 1100C and using suitable tools, as well as wood, aluminium and steel molds, skilled artisans manufacture a wide variety of products: glasses, bottles, jars, salad bowls and centerpieces, among many other articles. The thickness of every piece is determined by the glassblowing technique used, based on the artisans experience and know-how. Resonance, sparkle, transparency and luminosity, as well as its greater weight, are some of the distinguishing features of Atlantis crystal.