Hand Painted Decorative Dish XVII Century Recreation #248

Hand Painted Decorative Dish XVII Century Recreation #248

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  • Exclusively recreated by the finest Portuguese Craftsmen
  • Made in Portugal
  • The beautifully hand-painted XVIIth century faience piece is an authentic reproduction of the era, originally created by oriental craftsmen
  • Each piece is personally signed by the artist
  • Measurements:  14.5 Inches Diameter
  • Ref: #248


Please note each piece is unique. No two pieces are alike since these pieces are painstakingly hand painted.


Product Description

These ceramics are handmade and painted in Coimbra, Condeixa-a-Nova and Conmbriga. Types of stoneware: century. XV, Islamic trend; century. XVII, scenes of hunting and fishing soft colors; century. XVIII, yellow birds, scales and Delft. Was in the century. XX that started to make quality reproductions of our century earthenware. XVII, which reproduced Ming earthenware. Nowadays the decor of this type of ceramics are still done manually, the decor are feathers, plumes of rare birds, peacock tails, flowers, human figures, etc.

The city of Coimbra and its municipality, located in the central region of Portugal, producing pottery for many centuries, even having the oldest (1145) written record concerning the national ceramics. It is also in this city of Coimbra that there is documentary evidence of the sixteenth century, who approve and regulate so-called "malegueiros", by which the craftsmen who were known cooked parts twice. Nowadays painted earthenware this region, and that is usually called " washer Coimbra " is unique in Portugal and is the Eastern tradition and the influence of Arabic style, inspired by the important Roman ruins are nearby and where it was also seeking artistic inspiration. The decorations are distinguished by the following names: "drawing kid blue", " kid drawing color ", " fifteenth century Islamic trend ", " seventeenth century, etc.

This painting represents the ceramics of Coimbra in its scenes of hunting grounds, coats, feathers and plumage of exotic birds, paths and funds Arabic influence which produce such a unique effect, giving the washer as characteristic appearance that is impossible to mistake it that of any other region. The decor is wholly executed by hand, signed and documented by the artist's hand, making each piece a unique, one-piece. All pieces are decorated with unleaded paint or other chemicals harmful to health.

The intricacy of the hand-painted pattern on this dinnerware, based on a typical Portuguese design from the 17th century. Glazed earthenware made in Portugal.

All ceramics are hand painted and no single piece is alike. These hand painted pieces will add Charm and Character to any table or home.