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Philips Norelco AT610 Cordless Electric Shaver 120/240 Volts

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Dual Voltage For Worldwide Travel



  • The Norelco AquaTec design ensures that you can shave wet or dry, and that cleaning up afterwards is a snap. Just run the shaver under the faucet and you are done
  • A single-LED indicator lets you know if the battery is charged or low
  • You can plug it in for a full charge or use its quick-charge capability. A full charge will buy you 50 minutes of cordless use, making it an excellent choice for travel or camping
  • Maintenance is also easy, just clean as necessary and replace the head every 12 months

Product Description

We include either a round or flat adapter depending on what comes from factory. How Does The 610 Compare to Other Models? Since this is a middle-of-the-road model from Philips Norelco, you gain a few features that less-expensive models lack. This also means that you lose a few options that are available in higher-end shavers.

In saying this, though, the AT610 rotary razor is the least-costly model to feature AquaTec which is an important feature for wet shaving and an easy clean up. For the money that it costs, this Philips razor is a great product as it delivers a clean shave with minimal effort.

More expensive models like the SensoTouch series, for example, do offer more capabilities and convenience attributes. If you have a hard time shaving your neck, then you might be better off investing more and selecting a shaver with GyroFlex technology the higher-end products tend to possess more features like this.

So, if you want features like a longer charge time, or you want the shaver to clean itself, then a shaver like the SensoTouch might be the better choice for you.

Due to the fact that it uses a rotary system, you can comfortably have a close shave on guys with bald heads. Of course, you will still need to use a different set of clippers or razor like the head blade to get the initial cut going on your scalp. After that, though, you can definitely use this to shave the stubble on your head too.