Portuguese Hand-painted Terracotta Soup Plate - Set of 4

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  • Material: Clay - Terracotta
  • Hand-painted And Handcrafted 
  • Can be used in the oven, microwave, or grill; Not Suitable for Induction Stoves
  • Measurements 9" Diameter 
  • Food Safe 

Product Description

We provide a wide network of traditional pottery items in red clay, hand painted, with smooth texture. They are used for cooking hot foods in ovens and stoves, to serve cold foods, and to be used as decorative items.

Our products are microwave safe and may be exposed to direct fire. They can be stored in refrigerators, washed in dishwashers, and are not harmful to health.

Our mission is to provide high quality services and products,always being competitive in the market, to be in a position to offer a full range of articles in traditional pottery.

Instructions For Use

  • Before the first use, place the article in water for 8 hours
  • These articles are unfit to retain liquids for many hours, so it is natural that after a few hours light leaks may occur
  • In case of using direct flame: Always use a flame of the size of the piece or bigger, avoid using flame of inferior size
  • Avoid putting an empty piece on the flame, ideally start cooking with the light flame and gradually increase
  • Avoid large temperature differences
  • Microwave Safe
  • You can use theseitems in the oven and gas stove, oven and electric stove, oven or wood burning stove
  • Cant be used in an induction stove