Vista Alegre Porcelain Terrace Small Oval Platter

Vista Alegre Porcelain Terrace Small Oval Platter

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  • Enhanced With Gold And Hand-painted Elements
  • Style: Contemporary
  • Part Type: Platter; Product type: Porcelain
  • Measurements: 1 1/9" x 10 3/7" x 13 2/3" (H x W x L) 
  • Use restrictions: Not suitable for microwaves. For dishwashing we advise short cycles at low temperatures. Avoid frequent use in dishwashing.

      Product Description

      Richly decorated in gold, with hand-painted details.

      New elegant and distinct decoration. This new dinner set with a style that refers back to the Gothic art of the Renaissance era, results in a classic decoration with contemporary and timeless elements.