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Cerâmica Stéfani, founded in 1947 by the De Stéfani brothers, is a Brazilian company - located in Jaboticabal, state of São Paulo - that initiated its activities with a manual production process of ceramic filters.

To this date, the majority of the pieces are handmade, allying the most modern production technologies for ceramic goods, which guarantees high quality products and very well rated in the national and international market.

Since the beginning of its activities, Cerâmica Stéfani dedicates to the production of water filters (by gravity and pressure) for household use and accessories for filters. Nowadays, with over 60 products in its portfolio, the company continues to innovate, in order to attend in a more efficient way, the needs of consumers.
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  • Cerâmica Stéfani Sterilizing Replacement Cartridge For Brazilian Water Filter
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