How to Create a Gift Registry

Create a gift registry to help your friends and family purchase your favorite things for your big day. To create your gift registry:  

  1. Go to Gift Registry on our menu.
  2. Fill out the information to setup your account, before creating a Registry.
  3. Please check your email address and click on the link provided to activate your account.
  4. Activate your account by creating a password.
  5. Go back to Gift Registry and select Create a registry.
  6. Now you can introduce your Registry details: Title, Event Date and Type (Wedding, Baby Shower or Birthday) and leave a message to your family and friends. You can also upload an image to your Registry.
  7. Next fill out your personal information. Each registry can have up to 2 registrants.
  8. On Shipping Information you can specify where do you want us to ship your items. You can setup up to 2 addresses (Before the event and After the Event).
  9. You’re ready to add items to your gift registry! 

How to add items to your registry

To add an item to your registry:

  1. Search on to find an item to add to your registry. 
  2. Click the item to view the item details.
  3. Click the ADD TO REGISTRY button on the item description. This adds the item to your Registry. 

How to review your registry

Review your registry at any time by visiting the Registry page.

Here you can:

  • Delete and edit items
  • Share your registry with others 
  • Change your registry information
  • Check which items have been purchased 

Sharing Your Registry

Once you finished you can share your registry with family and friends:

  • Via direct link
  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • LinkedIn 

Gift Registry FAQ

How do I find a specific registry?

You can search for a registry under the registrant’s name. 

How long will my registry be posted after my event?

Your registry will remain active for three months after your event date. 

How soon will the gift registry be updated with my purchase?

Within 15 minutes. 

If I create my Registry online, will guests be able to access it in store?

Yes. Your friends and family will be able to view your entire Gift Registry. They will also be able to see any changes and updates made within 15 minutes of their occurrence. 

Still have questions?

In case you need further assistance relating a Gift Registry, our customer service team is available Monday to Saturday from 9am to 6pm ET.