10000W Watt 110 to 220 Electrical Power Voltage Converter Transformer 220 to 100

10000W Watt 110 to 220 Electrical Power Voltage Converter Transformer 220 to 100

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10.000 Watt Maximum Capacity Heavy Duty Voltage Converter / Transformer



  • Input Voltage: 110/120/220/240 Volts /AC Selectable
  • OutputVoltage: 110 Volts or 220 Volts / AC Selectable
  • Simultaneous 2-Mode Output 120 Volt (Standard US Outlet) / 220 Volt (Universal Outlet)
  • All Range Fuse Protection With Two Spare Fuses Included
  • Universal Plug Adapter
  • CE Certified And Two Year Manufacturer's Limited Warranty
  • CE / ISO9001 / ISO14001 Factory Certified
  • Measurements - 8 1/4" x7" x 12 1/2" Inches (W x L x H)
  • Net Weight -35 LBS
  • Power Cord Length - 32" Inches

Product Description

Made by one of the leading manufacturers in the industry, the Topow ST Series step up / step down voltage transformers offer you a safe, reliable, affordable and convenient solution to converting voltages from 110-120 volts up to 220-240 volts, or from 220-240 volts down to 110-120 volts for both home use and industrial applications.

The ST-10.000 is rated at 10.000 watts maximum. There are a total of two outputs on the front panel. Two are grounded outputs, one designated for 110 volts with a US standard outlet, the other for 220 volts only with a universal outlet. It also uses a protective standard fuse for extra safety.

The manufacturer recommends you purchase a transformer that is 25% higher than the wattage you need. You should know that you will never damage your appliance with a higher voltage transformer, however if you buy one that is not powerful enough, it will not work.

Remember to leave at least a 100% slack for the transformer. Some items, such as laser printers and power tools, spike when you turn them on. For these types of situations you need to buy a transformer that is at least 3 times the item's capacity.     

  • Use Amps to calculate Watts:
 Volts (times) Amps = Watts : For example 110 Volts x 5 Amps = 550 Watts