Bordallo Pinheiro Wine Pitcher Bull

Bordallo Pinheiro Wine Pitcher Bull

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  • Collection: Pitchers
  • Type of Piece: Pitcher
  • Product type: Earthenware
  • Measurements:Height: 11 1/7 Inch, Width: 6 Inch, Length: 9 5/6 Inch
  • Capacity: 50oz

Product Description

The Pitchers collection is part of the Bordallo Pinheiro’s heritage. With humor and with a certain dose of irreverence, the natural world is once again transported to the table in the shape of animals, fruit, flowers and plants.

Meanwhile the canine jug, with its distinctive muscular structure, sagging skin, and different tonalities, reveals the expression of a sweet, gentle dog that has great poise and alertness but also a sense of fragility and affability.