Vista Alegre Decorative Calendar Plate 2019

Vista Alegre Decorative Calendar Plate 2019

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  • Enhanced With Platinum 
  • Style: Contemporary
  • Part Type: Plate; Product type: Porcelain
  • Measurements: 13" Diameter 
  • Use restrictions: Exclusive Decorative Use


Product Description:

Arcadianism was a current coming out in the 18th century as a reaction to the Baroque, which looked to restore a balance, a harmony and simplicity of the Renaissance.

Thematically, it looked to exalt nature and all of its elements. Within the panoramic view of an Arcadian scene, representatives of the Animal Kingdom come together to celebrate the New Year. Coming into a classical round temple through the Ionic peristyle, the Eurasian beaver and the tuatara represent Portugal and New Zealand, respectively, the houses of Vista Alegre and the artist Helen M. Stevens, on the extreme opposite sides of the globe.